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146784 DUB000098347 USD URNOFHW Air Conditioner Parts 12.1977
  • United Arab Emirates
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  • High quality durable material used for packaging which keeps the shipment safe and sturdy.
  • China
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  • AAHT98347

Urnofhw 7-in-1 Air Condition Fuel Line Disconnect Tool, Black

USD 12.20
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USD 12.20
USD 12.20
USD 12.20
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Key Highlights

  • It is durable with thickened resin toughness.
  • It helps in removing air conditioner tubing through fuel pipe.
  • It comes with different types of tubing removal sleeves.
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Urnofhw 7-in-1 Air Condition Fuel Line Disconnect Tool

This line disconnect tool enables convenient attachment onto the vehicle of the same thread.

It also renders great tightness that ensures no wobbling or cross-threading in machine.

This also features a superfine frame polished with strict surface treatment.

It has scope in air conditioning ducts or fuel lines through transmission parts on car vehicles.

 Material ABS Plastic
 Colour Black
 Interface Sizes 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" and 7/8"
 Package Includes 1 x Fuel Line Disconnect Too

Products specifications

  • Country of Shipment United Arab Emirates
  • Unit of Measurement Piece/Pieces
  • Description of your Packaging High quality durable material used for packaging which keeps the shipment safe and sturdy.
  • Country of Origin China
  • No of products / Piece/Pieces 1
  • Warranty Period Not Applicable
  • Product Weight (kg) 0.68
  • Product Dimensions 28*32*10 (in cm)
  • Model AAHT98347
Company Overview
  • Name: Abbas Ali Hardware Trading
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    A symbol of TRUST. 
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  • Country United Arab Emirates
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