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The Spider Lady And Other Short Stories And Poetry

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Key Highlights

  • This beautifully illustrated book of exciting stories is a must-have as it will make story-time magical.
  • Helps you understand other people's perspectives.
  • These books makes you smarter and increase creativity and Imagination.
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The Spider Lady and Other Short Stories and Poetry

The Spider Lady is concerning a young, taxi driver who meets a very strange, older woman. It is a dark memoir. McArthur Street concerns a boy growing up in Tucson in the sixties and his struggles with good and evil. It is, also, a memoir. Lots of non-fiction and fictional stories. And lots of poetry. Good inspiration for those who love reading and aspire to write. Good for young adults and adults. Original proverbs and humor. These writings are over the course of years and have developed interactively with people as Mark has recited in poetry and even his fictional stories in progress; consequently his listeners have influenced the outcome of his writings in his first book.

About the Author

Mark is a California singer songwriter who was born in San Diego, CA and then grew up in Tucson, Arizona returning to California in 1969. He now resides in Northern California near San Francisco and has become quite a vagabond poet and writer. Mark recites his poetry and short stories at an open mic night in a restaurant at Stinson Beach, California where he has become friends with the jazz musicians who play there. Mark writes about his taxi driver experiences in Santa Barbara and his childhood in Tucson. A lot of his writing is influenced by living near the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. Mark is a spiritual seeker and is very philosophical. Mark invents stories in his mind to express his emotions and that is how he writes fictional stories. Mark describes his musical style as Folk Rock Country Blues.

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