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139582 DUB000127276 USD Sanford Hair Clippers 9.2600
  • United Arab Emirates
  • 1
  • Piece/Pieces
  • Packed in sturdy and durable materials.
  • China
  • Not Applicable
  • 0.332
  • 5.5
  • 18.8
  • 12.7
  • SF9741HT BS

Sanford Hair Trimmer, 3W, SF9741HT BS

USD 9.26
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USD 9.26
USD 9.26
USD 9.26
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Key Highlights

  • Functional design offers comfort and firm grip.
  • Adds up to an effortless trimming experience.
  • Ergonomic grip ensures you can shave safely.

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Sanford Hair Trimmer

A hair clipper is a specialised implement used to cut human head hair.

They work on the same principle as scissors, but are distinct from scissors themselves and razors.

To pick the perfect clippers, think carefully about the styles you want to create now and in future.

 Brand Sanford
 Motor Voltage DC 1.2 V
 Frequency 50/60Hz
 Charging Time 8-10 hours
 Working time 30-35 minutes

Products specifications

  • Country of Shipment United Arab Emirates
  • Unit of Measurement Piece/Pieces
  • Description of your Packaging Packed in sturdy and durable materials.
  • Country of Origin China
  • Warranty Period Not Applicable
  • No of products / Piece/Pieces 1
  • Product Weight (kg) 0.332
  • Product Height (cm) 5.5
  • Product Width (cm) 18.8
  • Product Length (cm) 12.7
  • Model SF9741HT BS
Company Overview
  • Name: Sanford
  • Description Sanford is the home of simple products that bring big changes to the lives of our customers. More than a business, we are a familiar name at every home and workplace that resonates with comfort. In this time and age, we strive to bring the world's most sustainable, and efficient electronic goods.

    Our core values are very well defined in our tagline “Touching your life every day”. We like to support each aspect of your daily activities. At the same time, we hold on to our beliefs that make Sanford stand out in a world of profit race and commercialization. Our brand ethics guide us to achieve high standards around the world and create a trusted name among our clients. But above all, we believe in sustainability- through quality, caring, diversity, happiness, and great service.
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