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Poppik Make Your Own Pixel Art Sticker Poster, 6 - 12 Years Old

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Key Highlights

  • Unfold This Poppik Giant Sticker Mosaic Poster And Follow The Number Code To Stick.
  • On the large partially colored poster, the child sticks the stickers in various colors following the numbers indicated
  • Little by little, funny little pixel watches appear, as if by magic!
  • We stick the stickers next to each other, like a giant puzzle in stickers, or a giant coloring in stickers
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Make Your Own Pixel Art Sticker Poster

Unfold this Poppik giant sticker mosaic poster and follow the number code to stick on the 1900 geometric coloured stickers in the right place. The stickers are removable in case of any mistakes! Bit by bit your image will appear revealing the pixel art style image. A fun and interesting educational activity that encourages kids to have screen free time! LEARN WHILE HAVING FUN This Pixel Art poster is inspired by the graphic universe of the video game “Space Invaders”, published in 1978. It quickly became a huge popular success and influenced many other games afterwards. All the decorations were realized in pixels, that is to say in small colored squares juxtaposed. Today, small pixel monsters are the symbol of video games. In this activity kit, children will have fun creating them with stickers. • Contains: 1 poster (1m x 60 cm) + 1600 stickers (13 colors) • Repositionable stickers • All ages from 5 years old ADVICE FOR USE Unfold the poster and erase the folds as much as possible by folding in the opposite direction. Place the poster flat, on a table or on the floor, and start sticking the stickers by following the numbers. A bit like a giant coloring sheet, the poster covers itself with patterns and colours. – Like a puzzle, the sticker activity is long and can therefore be done in several sessions. – The poster and stickers can be easily stored in the pocket. The poster can also be rolled to avoid folds on the stickers. – This activity is ideal to occupy a small group of children during a birthday party or an afternoon game (easy to set up, fun for all, even for those who are not manual, does not stain, adult help is not required). Even more fun than a puzzle! DECORATIVE IDEAS Once the large poster is finished, it is intended to decorate the house. – Hang the poster on the wall in any room of the house. – You can also frame the poster, for an even more impressive result. Poppik is a creative hobby that promotes calm and concentration. It is aimed for children 2+ years.

Suitable age for6 - 12 Years

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  • Country of Shipment United Arab Emirates
  • Description of your Packaging High quality durable material used for packaging which keeps the shipment safe and sturdy.
  • Unit of Measurement Piece(s)
  • Country of Origin France
  • No of products / Piece(s) 1
  • Model PIX008
  • Warranty Period Not Applicable
  • Product Weight (kg) 0.5
  • Product Dimensions 22.4*5*34.5 (in cm)
  • Tier Price(s) Lead Time 10 - 10 Days, 25 - 13 Days, 100 - 20 Days
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