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Fresh Bird Eye Chilli, Red, 3kg, 720 Pieces - Carton

USD 6.25
  • Rwanda
  • 31.2
  • 21.5
  • 7
  • 3
  • Not Applicable
  • SOUK000006
  • Rwanda
  • Pallet(s)
  • 250
  • Each box contains 1.5kg net weight of Birds Eye Chilli - Red
  • 134 - 5 Days, 200 - 5 Days, 350 - 5 Days
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USD 6.25
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USD 6.25
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USD 6.25
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  • Large long Red Bird Eye Chilli ranging from 10 cm to 12 cm.
  • Peppery and fruity, with spicey outbursts of flavour.
  • All of our red green bird eye chilli are hand-picked, hand-selected, and hand-packed to order. This is the secret to achieve the best flavours and quality taste that our customers enjoy.

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Fresh Bird Eye Chilli, Red

Our location provides a temperate climate that is perfectly suited to the production of Red Bird Eye Chilli.
We have full control over the entire value chain from seedling to customer shelf, ensuring complete traceability and a high-quality product.
The Red Bird Eye Chilli, is a variety from the species Capsicum annuum.
It is peppery and fruity, with spicey outbursts of flavour.

Number of pieces720

Products specifications

  • Country of Shipment Rwanda
  • Product Length (cm) 31.2
  • Product Width (cm) 21.5
  • Product Height (cm) 7
  • Product Weight (kg) 3
  • Warranty Period Not Applicable
  • Model SOUK000006
  • Country of Origin Rwanda
  • Unit of Measurement Pallet(s)
  • No of products / Pallet(s) 250
  • Description of your Packaging Each box contains 1.5kg net weight of Birds Eye Chilli - Red
  • Tier Price(s) Lead Time 134 - 5 Days, 200 - 5 Days, 350 - 5 Days
  • Maximum Order Quantity 500
Company Overview
  • Name: Souk Farming And Exports
  • Description

    Souk Investment Group opened its doors in 2014, and has been exporting high quality horticultural produce out of Rwanda ever since.

    We are an agribusiness investment company dedicated to the application of cutting-edge solutions in farming, trading, processing, and logistics.

    Our business is founded upon an extensive array of international business development and aviation experience of its founders.

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  • Country Rwanda
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