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Blog posts of '2021' 'May'

5 commonly used e-commerce and wholesale acronyms
New to wholesale and e-commerce? We are breaking down the five commonly used acronyms to help you navigate online. From SKU to MOQ, read on for the ultimate cheat sheet.
Sea vs. Air Freight: What is Best for You?
Still not sure if you should ship via sea or air? We’re breaking down the 4 things to consider when making that decision to help you choose the best freight option for your goods.
Rwanda’s Growing Economy
Rwanda’s growing economy is showing no signs of slowing down. We break down the top 5 reasons why their country is booming and why we chose it to launch DUBUY.com.
E-Commerce Opportunities in Africa
Booming economies and new logistics solutions are helping Africa to fast become the epicentre of e-commerce opportunities. Find out why!
What Type of Support Does DUBUY.com offer for Sellers?
We’ve not only made it easy to register as a seller or buyer, but we’re also ensuring that all users on DUBUY.com have superior service support for all their needs. Read on to find out what’s available and get signed up today!
How to Become a Seller on DUBUY.com
Registering on DUBUY.com is as easy as 2 simple steps. Read on to learn more about the registration process, fees, products you can list, and the benefits of using DUBUY.com.
How to Register as a Buyer on DUBUY.com
Interested in purchasing products from DUBUY.com? We break down the simple steps it takes to register as a buyer plus the support, benefits, and shipping routes available to all users.
Free registration, end-to-end delivery, 7 day-a-week support are just some of the reasons why DUBUY.com is the no-brainer choice for expanding your business in Africa. Read on for more reason.
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