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What is DUBUY Car online Platform?

The DUBUY.com car marketplace is an online marketplace to buy and sell used cars online. To further elaborate, the used cars are physically available in Dubai, and through the DUBUY.com platform, these used cars are displayed for buyers to see and purchase.

Why should I buy used cars from DUBUY?

Buying a vehicles on DUBUY.com means you will be dealing with trusted, pre-vetted and approved car dealers. Additional services to support your purchase can also be found on DUBUY.com, such as requesting for a vehicle inspection report, making buying a car online easy and convenient. Payments can be made easily and securely via mobile money, credit or debit card, internet banking or wire transfer through our secure payment portal.  Additionally, you can be safe in the knowledge that your vehicles will be delivered securely and on time, through our network of trusted global partners. Our Call Center is also available seven days a week to give you support over the phone, live chat or email. 

What information or documents do I need to submit to register on DUBUY as a buyer?

Currently, there are no documents needed from a buyer. All you must do is provide simple information about yourself during registration on DUBUY.com

How much does it cost to register as a buyer?

Registration on DUBUY.com is free of charge.

Does DUBUY charge any commission for buying used cars from the platform?

Yes, a minimal amount of 3% of the used car value will be levied to the DUBUY.com team, when the car purchase is done.

Can I view or browse the used cars list on DUBUY without registering on DUBUY.com?

Yes, you can browse DUBUY.com as a guest without registering. However, to make a purchase, you have to register as a buyer on DUBUY.com.

Can I purchase a single car using DUBUY? Or, do I have to buy multiple cars at once?

You may buy one car at a time from DUBUY.com. There is no minimum or maximum number of cars to be bought at the same time.

How do I pay for the cars?

On DUBUY.com, there are 2 payment options which you can choose from to pay for the car. You can either make an online payment, or you can choose to have a bank transfer.

Can I do partial payments, such as monthly installments for the car?

Unfortunately, this capability is not yet available, you must pay the full amount.

How do I verify or make sure that the information and pictures provided on DUBUY are true?

When it comes to used cars, DUBUY.com implements a vigorous checking procedure. Whereas, before a car is uploaded on DUBUY.com, the administration team of DUBUY.com checks and validates the car owner’s information, then they check the car documentation, and they also have a checklist of required images to be uploaded to DUBUY.com so that, you as a buyer, will have the best view on the car and can see it from different angles. In addition to that, you may request for an additional car inspection report from a trusted DUBUY.com partner. Also, it is important to note that cars will be sold “as – is”.

Can I request for a car inspection before completing the car purchase?

Yes, considering that DUBUY.com has partnered with a reputed third-party agency for conducting car inspections, you may request for a car inspection report before purchasing the car you have selected. A car inspection report can be bought as a separate product from DUBUY.com without having to buy the car. Furthermore, DUBUY.com has partnered with “Al Mutakamela” which are a reputed car inspection agency in Dubai, authorized by the RTA (Road and Transport Authority) in Dubai. More information about “Al Mutakamela” can be found on their website here. In addition to that, different levels of inspection will be available, whereas, as a buyer, you can choose whichever inspection level best meets your needs.

What are the possible car inspection types that the inspection agency provides, and how much does each one cost?

There are 4 different types of car inspections, here are details about them:

Inspection Type


What it includes





Does DUBUY offer shipping to my country?

Yes, if you are in Africa - Rwanda, DUBUY.com has shipping and logistics partners that offer affordable rates to ship your purchased car to your country. However, it is important to know that the INCOTERM for shipping to Rwanda is CFR (Door to Port). This means that the car will be shipped from Dubai to Dar E-Salam Port in Tanzania, where customs clearance will be initiated to commence the transport of the car to Rwanda.

Will I have different shipping options to choose from? Can DUBUY ship my purchased car to me? How much will it cost?

Currently, we only have one shipping option, which is to ship from Door to Port. Cost of shipping of the car purchased from DUBUY.com will depend on the number of cars purchased, type of car, shipping origin, and destination location.

Can I purchase the used cars and arrange for shipping on my own? If yes, what are the liabilities of the car seller, DUBUY, and me as a buyer? What INCOTERM is used to ship the used cars?

Unfortunately, self-shipping option is not available for now, but we are working on providing this option and will have it available soon. Here CFR (Cost and Freight) INCOTERM is used to ship the used car.

How will DUBUY protect my rights?

DUBUY.com is partnering with reputed car inspection agencies to provide the service of car inspection reports. Whereas, buyers can request for a car to be inspected by selecting one of the inspection options and adding it to their cart on DUBUY.com. Once the payment for the car inspection service is done by the buyer, the car inspection agency will conduct the car inspection and the buyer will receive the report. In addition to that, on DUBUY.com, there are different agreements that both the buyer and seller accept. These agreements ensure the rights of both parties. These agreements are such as the Terms and Conditions, Vendor Agreement, and Privacy Policy.

Will DUBUY offer customs clearance services for my purchased car?

Considering that DUBUY.com offers Door to Port shipping, 2 customs clearances will be done.

The first customs clearance, which will be done in Dubai, will be handled by the seller.

However, the second customs clearance, which is to be done at the Port country, should be handled by you as a buyer. To furthermore explain, the Port country will be Africa – Tanzania- Dar Al Salam Port. You as a buyer should arrange for customs clearance for your car to be transported from Tanzania to Rwanda. Nonetheless, suggestions of last mile delivery companies, who can help you arrange for the transport of your car from Tanzania to Rwanda, will be listed for you.

Will DUBUY use my personal or business information for other purposes or share it with a third party?

Sensitive business and personal information such as bank details are confidential and will not be shared to third parties.

How much time will it take for my purchased car to reach me?

This depends on a number of factors such as the number of cars purchased, if inspection reports have been requested, and shipping. Once the car has been purchased through DUBUY.com, a series of activities will take place, each with different durations. Activities done in Dubai could take up to 1 week to be completed. After that, shipping of the car will be done, which depends on your location. It generally takes 25-45 days for a car shipment to reach from Dubai to Rwanda via Ocean. Hence, in total, it will take between 35 to 55 days for your car to reach you.

How many cars can I fit into a 20’ or a 40’ container?

This depends on the number, size, and type of car/s you have purchased. Whereas, In a 20’container, only 1 car can safely fit in. In a 40’ HC container, up to 2 units of 4 x 4 car can fit in safely & properly. However, a maximum of 3 cars can be fitted into a 40’ container.

Do I have the option of putting anything else inside the car when shipping with the provided shipping partner of DUBUY? Can I include other cargo items in the same container that carried my purchased car?

Shipping items other than cars in the same container is not available. Any other item will be considered as a separate shipment.

How are car returns and refund managed with DUBUY?

Order cancellation can be done on a purchased car as long as the shipping process has not started. However, returning or requesting for a refund on the purchased car is not possible.

What kind of cars can I buy and ship to my country through DUBUY?

A variety of car options is available for you to choose from on DUBUY.com, such as Left-hand and Right-hand driving cars. All types of cars can be shipped with DUBUY.com

Are there Marine Insurance policies offered by DUBUY for cars?

Yes, Marine Insurance is available at a nominal additional cost which is calculated based on the car value, which is generally 1%. (Marine insurance covers the loss or damage of ships, cargo, terminals, and any transport by which the property is transferred, acquired, or held between the points of origin and the final destination.)

What should I check for once the car has been delivered to me?

Sometimes the car may get damaged during the transit so you must check the Exteriors, Interiors, Engine, Electricals, Air conditioning & Tires. Also, make sure you get all the necessary documents.

Can cars purchased from DUBUY be serviced in my country?

It is advised to check with your local car agency. However, this depends on the rules and regulation in your country.

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