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What is DUBUY Car online Platform?

The DUBUY.com car marketplace is an online marketplace to buy and sell used cars online. To further elaborate, the used cars are physically available in Dubai, and through the DUBUY.com platform, these used cars are displayed for buyers to see and purchase.

Why should I be part of the platform?

By becoming a seller on DUBUY.com you can easily connect to and expand your customer reach across the African continent. Payments made through DUBUY.com are made safe and secure, while also ensuring your goods are delivered securely and on time. Additionally, we offer substantial support through the means of assigning sellers a dedicated account manager. These account managers will be on hand for any questions you might have. Our Call Center is also available seven days a week to give you support over the phone, live chat or email.

What regions/ markets would the platform open for my business?

Currently, DUBUY.com has launched in Rwanda, Africa, where business can be conducted. However, DUBUY.com is expanding rapidly to other countries within Africa and the world. So, more countries will be available for business very soon.

What information or documents do I need to submit to register as a used car seller on DUBUY?

First of all, you need to be a company registered in DUCAMZ with the DUCAMZ authority in charge (DAZ). Second, you will need to provide the following documents and information:

Information Needed:

  • Company Name

  • Showroom Number

  • Owner’s Name

  • Owner’s Contact Number

  • Owner’s Email Address

  • Representative’s Name

  • Representative’s Contact Number

  • Representative’s Email Address

  • Company Bank Details

Documents Needed:

  • Company Trade License or Company Registration Certificate (as registered with DAZ)

  • DUBUY.com signed Vendor Agreement (Please download it from here, fill it in, and send it to the DUBUY.com team)

  • DUBUY.com Product Catalog (Please download it from here, fill it in, and send it to the DUBUY.com team)

  • Owner’s Passport Copy

  • Owner’s UAE ID

  • “Mulkya” for each car or any other document verifying cars that will be uploaded onto DUBUY.com.

How much does it cost to register as a seller?

Registration on DUBUY.com is free of charge.

How much does it cost to list my car on the platform?

Listing of products on DUBUY.com is free of charge.

Does DUBUY.com charge any commissions?

Yes, as a seller, 2% of the car value to be levied to DUBUY.com when the car purchase is done on DUBUY.com.

Can I list vehicles with as-is conditions?

Yes, however, this should be very clearly mentioned within the details of the car displayed on DUBUY.com, so the car buyers can see and accept the Terms and Conditions.

Can I continue to sell cars the traditional way besides selling online through DUBUY.com?

Yes, the normal business will not be affected. You can sell physically in your showroom and online on DUBUY.com simultaneously. However, as a seller, you must ensure that the cars displayed on DUBUY.com are available for online buyers through DUBUY.com. In other words, if a car is sold in your physical showroom, you should not display it on DUBUY.com.

How will buyers pay for the cars?

There are currently 2 payment options on DUBUY.com which buyers can utilize: online payment or bank transfer.

How will my business receive the money?

The payment (sale-commission) amount will be sent to you on your bank account after 14 to 30 days from the day the car was shipped.

How will DUBUY protect my right?

On DUBUY.com, there are different agreements that both the buyer and seller accept. These agreements ensure the rights of both parties. These agreements are such as the Terms and Conditions, Vendor Agreement, and Privacy Policy.

What if buyers want to inspect vehicles?

DUBUY is partnering with reputed car inspection agencies to provide the service of car inspection reports. Whereas, buyers can request for a car to be inspected by selecting one of the inspection options and adding it to their cart on DUBUY.com. Once the payment for the car inspection service is done by the buyer, the car inspection agency will conduct the car inspection and the buyer will receive the report.

Will I need to release the vehicles before payments are made?

No, the buyer must make the payment for the selected car, for the next step of the buying process to commence.

What type of cars am I allowed to sell on DUBUY? Are there any restrictions, rules, or prohibitions that I need to consider?

You may sell any used car on DUBUY.com as long as it complies with the rules and regulations on the buyers’/ importing country. Since DUBUY.com has currently launched in Rwanda, Africa, cars displayed on DUBUY.com should be compatible with the rules and regulations of selling cars in Rwanda.

Can I sell products on DUBUY alongside cars? Can I sell cars and other products at the same time?

Yes, as a seller, you may sell multiple products, you are not restricted to a certain product type.

After a car is purchased from my list, what should I do?

As a seller, once you get a notification that a car has been purchased from your list on DUBUY.com, the following steps and/or documents should be prepared:

  • Commercial Invoice (should buyers need packing list, they should clearly request it)

  • Should inspection be requested through DUBUY.com, the seller is expected to get the car ready to be inspected by the inspection agency (On Site or Off Site)

    • Off Site the premise (at the inspection agency location), sellers are expected to arrange for gate passes, and if agreed with the buyer, transportation will also be arranged. However, seller and buyer must have agreed on the charges of the same. to be arranged [this should be agreed (payment) between buyer and seller, the seller will do the actions and the buyer will do the payment]

    • On Site (DUCAMZ), the car should be accessible to the inspection agency to perform the inspection service at the car showroom. Timelines will be agreed accordingly.

  • Customs declaration activities to be processed by the seller. Declaration charges have already been paid by the buyer during the car purchase process and will be re-imbursed to the seller as part of the total payment.

  • Customs deposit (5% of the car value) to be done by the seller who will be re-imbursed upon submitting exit proof (DUBUY.com must provide sellers with all documents needed to file re-imbursements with customs).

  • VCC activities to be processed by the seller. VCC charges have already been paid by the buyer during the car purchase process and will be re-imbursed to the seller as part of the total payment.

  • The car must be made available to the freight forwarder/ shipping agent to collect for shipping.

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