Sea vs. Air Freight: What is Best for You?

Sea vs. Air Freight: What is Best for You?

Are you interested in markets beyond your borders? Want to discover goods from vendors in Africa? offers various options for shipping your goods from vendor to buyer. Below we break down the difference between sea and air freight and help you identify which is the best option for you.  

At we offer various types of shipping routes. For sea freight we are currently covering UAE and Rwanda, soon to be launching Ethiopia, Burundi, DRC, Kenya and more locations in both directions. For air freight all routes are supported by our courier partners DHL and FedEx. Domestic shipping is also available in UAE and Rwanda. So, what is the best shipping method for your purchases? Read on.



Sea vs. air freight 


When checking out at, you will see that we automatically fill in which shipping method is best for your purchase, based on several variables. At that point, you can change the method to another preferred method of shipping. So, how to decide which shipping method best suits your business? Know that whichever way you choose, our shipping operators will process all customs clearances you need, so that's one less thing to worry about. Here are some thoughts to take into consideration: 


  1. Talking about money 


Weight matters. At DUBUY, we charge based on volume, not units.

  • That means that the more units you order, your shipping costs will be more cost effectiveFor lightweight shipments, it can be more economical to use air freight shipping. For large and heavy-weight loads, ocean freight shipping becomes more interesting because it is cheaper, however...


  1. Taking time 


Depending on how quickly you need your goods can determine whether or not air or sea is the way to go. Air freight travels faster than ocean freight, so if you're in a hurry to get the goods you purchasedit might be the better choice. Not in a rush?  Sea freight takes longer but can reduce your costs exponentially.  



  1. Sustainability 


Is sustainability and CO2 emissions at the top of your mind? Shipping your goods via sea is a much lower emission rate and is more carbon-efficient than shipping them via air.  



  1. Hazardous goods 


If your shipment contains goods have batteries or magnets, they may be too hazardous to ship via air freight. It’s usually not a problem for a single item unit, but larger shipments of these types of goods are best sent by sea. Of course, if this is the case, our shipping operators will inform you of the best way to ship your goods. 



What is best for you? 


At, we make it our business to ensure your business is handled with all the care and consideration it needs. Ship by air or by sea, your goods are in good hands and insured from our ports to your doorstep. Still not sure? Connect with your dedicated support manager to discuss your business needs and get the best shipping method for your business.  


Register today and enjoy the benefits of End-To-End Delivery, Easy Payments, and Superior Service. By air or sea! 

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