Rwanda’s Growing Economy

Rwanda’s Growing Economy

Do you drink coffee? What about tea? Have you ever purchased flowers to spruce up your home? Then you’ve most definitely purchased products from Rwanda. One of the fastest-growing economies of Central Africa, Rwanda is one of the main exporters of coffee beans, tea, flowers, and many other goods. So, it’s no surprise that the tiny landlocked country’s economy has grown exponentially in that last 10 years. But the change didn’t happen overnight. Below we break down some of the reasons Rwanda’s economy is booming.  


  1. Infrastructure 

The government of Rwanda is doing a lot to stimulate the economy and thus ensure a better standard of living for the average Rwandan. New roads are constructed, and buildings are being built. That means more employment and better infrastructure, which furthers growth. Rwanda’s capital Kigali was even named the cleanest capital city in the world! In addition, the government of Rwanda has made substantial investments in creating a suitable environment to derive e-Commerce. 


  1. Agriculture 

The current economy of Rwanda mainly relies on agricultural activities. The estimated figures are that 70% of the working population is engaged in agriculture. Coffee and tea might be responsible for a large chunk of Rwanda’s export, but it’s also where a lot of vegetables, fruits, oils, and sugars that are used almost every day in most households, are fromThe government is also keen to move towards a more knowledge-based economy so they’re investing extensively in talent and education.  


  1. Care for people 

Nineteen years after the country was torn apart by genocide, Rwanda is stable, prosperous and unified. Social services, such as education, healthcare, housing, and livestock, are provided to those that need it and have been instrumental in helping a lot of people get on their feet and thrive.  


  1. Easy business 

The decision to launch in Rwanda was easy and followed the country’s consistent superior annual rating in the World Bank’s global “Ease of Doing Business” rankings and its commitment to international trade and investment. DP World has already invested in world-class port and logistics facilities in the capital. Kigali’s Logistics Platform demonstrates its strong belief in Rwanda’s future as a gateway to the heart of Africa.  


  1. It’s obvious 

Rwanda’s favorable investment climate, commitment to training and education, and determination to lead Africa in job creation and industrial advancement through technology make it a solid and evident location to launch our new global e-commerce site. 


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